Ph. Chin Khai Ching

Ph. Chin Khai Ching

Company Vice-President
Community Pharmacist, B. Pharm (Hons) IMU, year 2011

First and foremost, l would like to thank OK Pharmacy for providing this platform for me to write a few words. It felt just like yesterday when i joined OK Pharmacy, when in fact, about 2 and half years had past.

When I first joined in July 2014, OK Pharmacy had an existing of three outlets. The decision made to join OK did not take long as the interview session with our CEO Mr Steve Loh was truly inspiring. He told me he would develop OK Pharmacy into a chain pharmacy in the near future. I chose to believe in his words, his vision, his ambition and his leadership, although at that point, I knew nothing.

The beginning was harsh and challenging, however, with the guidance from Mr steve Loh, Ms Carol Liew and Ms Gan, I managed to ease through all the challenges and equipped myself not only with knowledge, but with customer servicing skills, management, business skills, and most importantly I developed a strong passion in the community pharmacy field. With the hard work we put in, with passion and enthusiasm, trust and commitment, and with the hunger to succeed; to date, OK has developed 10 pharmacy outlets scattered among Klang Valley and Negeri Sembilan.

OK Pharmacy is a platform for pharmacists to perform, our culture is fantastic, and we are more than happy to have new faces to join in the team. I would like to express my gratitude to OK Pharmacy and hope for a greater future for OK Pharmacy and the team. Thank you.

It is my utmost pleasure to join Farmasi OK as my career path!

I always want to be a pharmacist since secondary school time. I always wonder why I want to become a pharmacist. Is it just due to the stable income and plenty of job opportunities? Or even society perception? Or parent's wish? It does not make me feel my life is fulfilled even I turn up to get my dream job. Am I helping people? Am I living my life meaningfully? I always ask myself till I doubt the meaning of the job.

It is until I meet Farmasi OK. I started off by being a locum pharmacist in 2013. Here, we build up a lot of positive corporate culture. It is unlike the bad perception of what people think about community pharmacy. Before I joined, I really doubt and scared of the working hours, working environment, and even mere margin oriented environment like described by my seniors.

Here in Farmasi OK:

We, are ready to help out the customers from all walks of lives without judgement.

We, are ready to concern for their needs because we are customers-oriented pharmacies.

We, are not sales-oriented that jeopardise the ethics of being a professional pharmacy.

In term of team work, we, always help out each other to improve and to perform better.

We, treat each other like a family and works towards our aims together.

Thereby, here, I find the meaning of life. Life is not just being successful by ourselves, but to be happily shared by the others: colleagues, company and also all our valued customers!

If you share the same vision as me, sincerely invite you to join us and suceed with us!

Ph. Gan Siu Gee

Ph. Gan Siu Gee

Company Vice-President
Community Pharmacist, B. Pharm (Hons) UM, year 2010

Ph. Jinnie Teng Yee Jinq

Ph. Jinnie Teng Yee Jinq

Community Pharmacist, B. Pharm (Hons) UCSI, year 2015

I joined Farmasi OK the next day my graduation in 2015. I wished to be a community pharmacist since my university life because I like to communicate with the patients at the same time providing them healthcare services. In order to be a community pharmacists in shortest time, I gave up the chance to be a hospital pharmacist.

This decision was once made me wonder and I questioned myself, how is the road not taken? Will it be a better path? Will it be a regret in the rest of my life? At the end, the answer will always be "No! I will never regret with this decision! I have made the right choice.".

Like most of the PRP, I like a new born baby when I stepped into pharmacist life. However, my seniors have never show dislike or Impatient on me. Instead, they guide me step-by-step, hand-by-hand, telling me their experiences like it was mine. Soon I able to manage most of the cases and they will always be with me whenever I face any problem. Until today, I have been the procurement manager cum branch pharmacist and have joined various type of events. Thanks to them, I have chances to widen my knowledge. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude toward Mr Loh, Ms Liew, Mr KC, and Ms Gan for guiding me all the way.

It has been two years since I serve the community. As a community pharmacist, I persisted to put patients' or customers' welfare at the first place. I would like to listen to my customer, and I am ready to fully utilize my professional knowledge in order to serve the community better. For me, I gain the greatest pleasure when I help someone, no matter by providing consultation or by increasing their quality of life. Most importantly, customer satisfy with my services.

If you need healthcare service, come for us, we care for you!
You OK, we OK!

Ph. Joan Lee Liknin

Ph. Joan Lee Liknin

Community Pharmacist, B. Pharm(Hons) UCSI, year 2015

Sheep with no sense of direction. Well I’m one of them.

Well I always thought, once graduated I can help the others using my professional knowledge. Yet as a fresh graduate, slightly lost uncertain of the pathway I should go. Where should I start? How can I help the others? The old mindset of mine told me that hospital is the place where I can help others, where the sick come to seek for help. While the role of community pharmacy is just well filling prescription and that’s all.

By chance I joined Farmasi OK, starting as a normal pharmacist assistant, provisional registered pharmacist and now and fully registered pharmacist. Throughout the journey Farmasi Ok changed my perspective of community pharmacist.

"You Ok, We Ok", customer well being is our concern. A moment of discussion might help us recognize the problem, prevent unnecessary drug interaction, prevent taking any unnecessary medication and fully utilize the medication.

Here we work as a team, embrace each other strength and weakness in order to improve and serve the community better.





You Ok , We Ok


Ms Yumi Heow Tsuey Fong

Ms Yumi Heow Tsuey Fong

Company Chief Supervisor

First of all, I am very pleased and honoured for having a chance to express my feelings here. As a staff, I thought I will only repeat my daily routine boringly. Surprisingly, I have chances to try different things and learn professional knowledge from my pharmacist.

They don't treat me as a staff, but also a friend and family. Very touchingly, they offered me to be the supervisor of a store eight months after I joined Farmasi OK. Even though I feel that I am not good enough in every aspest, yet they trust me and keep giving me confidence.

My pharmacist always tell me, patients' welfare should always be the first concern. This is my motto as well. I gain the greatest pleassure when the customer come back to me and say thank you because their quality of life has improved. Besides, I enjoy to build relationship with customer. I believe the working life in pharmacy is more than just sale, there are much more valueble moral for me to discover.

I always tell my friend, Farmasi OK is inside my blood. The store is just like my child.I love Farmasi OK, and I would like to spread my love to everyone.

Ms Vickey

Ms Vickey

Store Supervisor